About our Hunts

Our guided 5-day hunts for moose & woodland caribou and black bear happen in September and October. There is also a spring black bear hunt (June). 

We accommodate the hunts for all 3 animals simultaneously, and guests can participate in multi-hunts if desired. Due to our easy access to hunting areas via forestry/woods roads and open bogs, hunters with lower levels of fitness or those with physical limitations can still still take part. 

Riverrun Outfitting has all the necessary licenses. 

Hunting Gear

Most hunters bring their own rifles and ammunition. However we do have rifles and ammunition available for rent if you don't have your own.

After the Hunt

Once you have harvested your animal, it will be field dressed and transported to our recommended butcher. We have a local taxidermist if one is required.

Once your meat is prepared it will be sent to Central Newfoundland Shipping Inc. where it is held in cold storage until mid- November. At that time it will be transported in a refrigerated truck throughout Canada, the eastern states and as far as Texas.  All butchering, taxidermy, and shipping costs are paid by you. 

There are no guarantees in the outfitting business. However, we will do everything in our power to provide you with the best hunting trip imaginable. Our success rate demonstrates our commitment to you.